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Our partnership with fitness rubaldino gives you the best exercise plan after the procedure.

Any liposuction procedure is designed to remove excess fat deposits that are located in various parts of the body is excessively important to take considerations of our personal trainer exercise routine that will put you after your procedure. Roberto Rubaldino after and before your procedure begins with an exercise routine to prepare you after your procedure so that the result achieved for long. we know in advance that an athletic body is achieved with exercise and good nutrition our multidisciplinary team Rubaldino finds fitness will help you will achieve your goals. They know what is best recommended fat burning at the same time not get the weakening of muscle and help all sorts of skin sagging exercises, recommending you about the combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting and aerobic exercise all and anaerobic for the best version of your body.

Rubaldino fitness in partnership with nutritionists and our multidisciplinary team can help you keep your body for as long as necessary with your new results. With his extensive experience in the fitness world they start using relaxed comfortable exercises for each patient combined with cardiovascular exercises which will help to tighten loose skin flap or after fat removal.

Roberto Rubaldino teaches you because you need to exercise after surgery you will feel happy and you will see the results and how your body will be transformed over the exercise improves body contours. Our dietitian will find fitness Rubaldino will help you understand why the levels of blood lipids incurring cholesterol LD L and triglycerides will be controlled with diet and exercise with the combination of all the above you will have better control of blood glucose resistance the body increases with exercise and so endure surgery for a great time for your life change.

Many people believe that for having cosmetic surgery will no longer have to exercise and maintain a proper diet which is false Although any cosmetic surgery effectively trims fat from specific areas of localized fat can return to areas that have been treated with this procedure in fact studies have shown that patients who do not follow a diet and exercise plan after liposuction can reach the same way there where when they had surgery.

Patients may also find that if you do not make changes in your exercise routine will not get the right results we are specialist on the subject as personal trainers to help you lose more and more fat and increase your muscle mass. Conclusion the most successful and satisfied patients are using their procedure as motivation to develop healthy eating habits and exercise Our nutritionist will teach you to do what you can eat after and before liposuction plus you will customize according to your body mass index so you get the benefits you are looking for.

Roberto Rubaldino

Personal Trainer

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